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  1. Men and Cancer: Saving Lives expert report


    The Men’s Health Forum's report asks why men are more likely to be diagnosed with and to die from nearly all common cancers. The Forum also produced a supporting report with Cancer Research UK and others, highlighting the extent of the problem. Men a ... More

  2. Million men activity challenge


    The Million Men challenge sets out the Men's Health Forum's challenge to government, NHS, local authorities, sports organisations and charities to work together to get one million more middle-aged men more active. Action is urgently needed, the ... More

  3. Gender and Access to Health Services Study


    The Gender and Access to Health Services Study: final report was commissioned by the Department of Health from the Men's Health Forum in partnership with the School for Policy Studies at the University of Bristol. The Department of Health's inte ... More

  4. Improving men's health at work


    Improving male health by taking action in the workplace Good employee health is good for business. A major study commissioned by the government's Health Work Wellbeing Executive in 2008 provides evidence that improving employee health is good for bus ... More

  5. Sick of being unemployed


    The health issues of out of work men and how support services are failing to address them are examined in this report produced by the Men's Health Forum and The Work Foundation. Unemployment is bad for your health. It can cause serious, long-term phy ... More

  6. Best practice: Slow on the uptake? Improving bowel cancer screening


    The report from the Men's Health Forum, Slow On The Uptake?, highlights the paradox of bowel cancer. Although men are more likely than women to die from bowel cancer, they less likely to be screened. The report looks at how screening practice can be ... More

  7. Best practice: Men and pharmacies


    Racks of make up and no spanners is the report on the Men's Health Forum's project looking at men's use of community pharmacies to improve their health. The Men's Health Forum received funding from the Department of Health, the Nationa ... More

  8. Best practice: Action at work can reduce salt intake


    Workplace interventions can improve men's awareness of the effect of salt in their diets and even, it appears, alter behaviour. With a Pinch of Salt, is the Men's Health Forum's study of men's use of salt in their diet sponsored by the ... More

  9. Best practice: Health information for men


    The Men's Health Forum commissioned research on health information resources meeting men's needs. This consisted of two main phases: An initial scoping study of academic and "grey" literature to understand better the current provision ... More

  10. Men's use of online health info


    A review of the literature on men’s health-seeking behaviour and use of the internet published as part of the Haringey Man MOT project. The report says that the internet has helped men access health information but that it doesn't change social norms ... More