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  1. FAQ - AAA - FAQs


    AAA is not the American Automobile Association or the Amateur Athletic Association. It stands for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm- a heart problem that can kill instantly but for which screening is available. What is AAA? AAA is a disease that occurs when the w ... More

  2. FAQ - Skin Cancer FAQs


    How to spot a dodgy mole. Women are more likely to get skin cancer than men. But men are more likely to die from it. What is skin cancer? It is cancer that begins in the skin. There are two types: non-melanoma- cancer that develops slowly on the upper lay ... More



    The ice bucket challenge has brought motor neurone disease, a rare disease of the nervous system, to public attention. The ice-bucket challenge to raise money for ALS research has been all over the media. If you’ve been following, you may well have wonder ... More

  4. FAQ - How to boost your self - image


    Good health starts with a positive self image, argues Jim Pollard. Self image? What has that to do with health? How we feel about ourselves has a massive impact on our health. If we don’t like ourselves much we’re more likely to do unhealthy things and le ... More

  5. FAQ - Dementia FAQs


    Dementia rates are increasing as we live longer. What is dementia? Dementia is not a single disease. It is a group of symptoms associated with thinking.  NICE put the symptoms of dementia into three groups: Cognitive dysfunction (thinking problems) Psychi ... More

  6. FAQ - Self - harm FAQs


    Men self-harm too. But you can control it. Don’t only girls self-harm? The ‘official’ statistics may suggest that females are far more likely to self-harm than males but self-harm is not uncommon in boys and men. Another myth is that only young people do ... More

  7. FAQ - Suicide FAQs


    What to do if you're feeling shit. I feel suicidal If you are having very black thoughts or considering killing yourself, talk to someone. If, for whatever reason, you cannot talk to family or friends, there are several organisations who can help: Th ... More

  8. FAQ - Syphilis FAQs


    A disease of the past? No. Syphilis is alive and kicking despite effective treatments What is it? A thankfully uncommon but very unpleasant sexually transmitted disease caused by a bacterium. What are the main symptoms? The symptoms often follow four phas ... More

  9. FAQ - HIV & AIDs FAQs


    HIV is as serious as ever but over the last 10 years, treatments have greatly improved. What is HIV? Human Immunoinsufficiency Virus (HIV) is a virus that is passed from partner to partner via blood or body fluid transmission. You can get it from vaginal, ... More

  10. FAQ - Gonorrhoea FAQs


    Also known as 'The Clap', this sexually transmitted infection has a notorious reputation. What is it? Probably the best-known STI. It's caused by a bacteria that lives in moist, warm parts of the body. What are the main symptoms? One in ten ... More